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About Puchkalicious

Indulge yourself with absolutely no guilt in some freshly made and most hygienic puchkas that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. The puchkas are made using high-quality products and mineral water by us.

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I never thought I would like anything sweet in my spicy puchka, but I was wrong when I bit the first piece of chocolate puchka. Amazing blend, amazing taste like never before. Thanks for inventing this!!

Pinaki Sarkar

Excellent service, even on their first day. Good work guys, I think I am going to be visiting there more often now.

Rohan Arora

I tried the first plate purely out of curiosity, while I was strolling in CC2. But the next two were due to the perfect blend of crunchy puchkas with spicy filling and tangy water. One of the best I ever tried.

Sangita Upadhyay
Signature Puchkas

from Puchkalicious

Where your Puchka craving gets satisfied completely

Cheese Puchka

Schezwan Puchka

Corn Mayo Puchka

Corn Mayo Cheese Puchka

Dahi Puchka

Tutti Fruity Puchka

Nutella Puchka

Pan Puckha

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